Rental information

Cancellation fees are €7,50. Reservations can only be cancelled when there is a good reason. The company management makes the decision whether or not that is a good reason for the cancellation.

Making a Reservation:
Go to our website at
Go to the webpage: “Rent a Scooter”
Click on the scooter you would like to rent.
Choose the amount of days you would like to rent under “choose rental period”
Choose your insurance
Choose the date that you want to rent the scooter
Click on “Make Reservation”
Your order should be added to your shopping cart, you can view the shopping cart by clicking “View Cart” or clicking the shopping bag in the top right corner of the screen
In your shopping cart you can start your payment by clicking “Proceed to Checkout”
Agree to our terms and conditions
Fill in the information that is required and your payment method
Click on “Make Reservation” to pay
Once your reservation is confirmed and paid by you, this is final

After we have received your reservation we will contact you by e-mail.
Only reservations made through our website (and are paid) are entitled to a booking.
Reservations must be paid at least two days in advance.
Ibancode: NL05ABNA0418276595 in the name “De FietsFanaat”


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